Gentle Yoga Relaxation Class at the Mill every Monday 6 -7pm

resto August 2014

Try this calming gentle relaxation yoga class for the perfect wind down.

We start and end each Restorative yoga class with deep relaxations. In between we use classic yoga postures to gently stretch and tone. I give lots of alternatives for each pose so everyone can participate. This is a great class to try out yoga. We have mats at the Mill, so just turn up and join our small friendly class.


Restorative Yoga new 6 week course starts 11th November in Walthamstow

Restorative Yoga new 6 week course starts 11th November in Walthamstow

New Restorative Yoga class starts Monday 11th November 5.45 – 6.45 pm, at the Mill in Walthamstow, close to the stations/bus routes. Restorative yoga uses gentle yoga poses and breathing/relaxation to support your healing, management and recovery from physical and/or emotional health problems. Yoga is recognised by the NHS as being a safe and effective way to improve health, fitness, balance and flexibility. This is a small supportive class, so I can work with you on your own needs and goals. This class is also great for anyone with mobility issues, who would struggle in a mainstream yoga class.
This is a 6 week course so you can build up your knowledge of beneficial postures and breathing exercises. You can also just come along as a drop in.
Book now to secure your place, only £48 for the course, or £9 drop in
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Free Classes in Walthamstow this Thursday 25th July 2013

Special Summer offer- When you sign up and pay for the new 6 week Ashtanga class at the Mill, Walthamstow, you will get one class free. I have also reduced the class/course price because so many people just don’t have that much money at the moment. To run it for less money, it will be an hour long – that is plenty of time for beginners Ashtanga.

I really want people to be able to try out Ashtanga- it is amazing. It is like a cardio workout and a moving meditation all at the same time. We focus on breathing so it is calming (the meditation bit). But we also keep moving so your body gets very strong and toned. We end with a gentle relaxation so you will leave feeling refreshed and at peace. It is a beginners/introductory course so I will be gentle and supportive.

Ashtanga will change your life if you let it!

Please book this weekend as there are only 8 spaces-a lovely small class so you can get lots of attention and teaching.

Course starts July 25th 7-8pm

 Special offer free class