What is Ashtanga?

When looking into yoga classes, the first thing that often strikes us is how many different types of yoga there are.

Josetta specialises in Ashtanga yoga but many people will not know what this means or how it differs to other classes on offer (I know I didn’t when I started out!).


A lot of classes are advertised as ‘Hatha’ yoga. Technically, all physical yoga is Hatha yoga, and it is used to describe generic yoga classes which do not specialise in a particular style.

Many styles:

There are many styles of yoga beyond Hatha, including Bikram, Vinyasa and Iyenga. There is a simple break down of these styles here


Ashtanga is one of the more dynamic styles of yoga – it is a flowing form, meaning you don’t stay in poses for long but keep moving. This means that it provides a cardiovascular workout as well as strengthening core muscles. It uses the traditional yoga poses, so the whole body gets gently stretched and toned and the nervous and endocrine system get balanced. Don’t worry, Josetta’s classes start very gently and according to where your body is at on any given day. They are very skilled at supporting individual needs within their class.

Josetta specialises in teaching beginners, who often have physical ailments and/or injuries. Obviously, as with any exercise, you should check with your GP before starting yoga if you have any health conditions. However, the Primary Series in Ashtanga is known as Yoga Therapy (“Yoga Chikista”) because it has so many therapeutic benefits – strengthening the back and balancing the body and mind. Josetta says:

“I have tried quite a few styles of yoga and found Ashtanga to be the best for people like me who want to have a strong supple body as well as getting the mental health benefits (as it also calms and balances the mind). Ashtanga is suitable for all ages, shapes and abilities”

Check out what the Ashtanga Primary Series looks like – but don’t worry, we learn it a bit at a time. Josetta is trained and experienced in tailoring the postures and classes to suit individual needs.

ashtanga series walthamstow

You can also have a look at this link of Pattabhis Jois (the founder of Ashtanga) teaching advanced students the primary Ashtanga sequence – this is what you learn first. Many people practice and establish this sequence over several years before moving on to the more advanced sequences.

NB: Feel free to fast forward through some of the early part of the clip  – there are a lot of ‘sun salutations’ (the movement which starts and ends with hands together in the air) as we repeat them a few times when we practice!

Don’t want Ashtanga?:

If you like the sound of Josetta’s approach but want something more gentle or therapeutic, then still contact them – they also teache non-Ashtanga classes. Typically these are bespoke classes for workplaces or individuals e.g lunchtime yoga classes for office workers or home one to ones. The office classes focus on postures to relieve the physical and mental stress of the workplace. So we might work on releasing and relaxing tight shoulders and necks.
One to ones focus on what it is you need and want from private yoga tuition.

Just drop a line for queries or bookings to



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