What People Say

Private Student 2017

“Josetta is an extraordinarily gifted teacher – private lessons with her have transformed my physical strength and mental resilience, and greatly increased my sense of wellbeing. Even my migraines have become far less frequent and less intense. Before meeting Josetta, my awareness of yoga wavered between slight scepticism and vague interest. I’ve never enjoyed physical exercise and am not one for meditation, so I don’t know if yoga would have had such an incredible impact on me if I’d had another teacher. Josetta is deeply caring, non-judgemental and nurturing – I cannot recommend her highly enough. ” M



Jay Lyman, Senior Manager for local Government


“Josetta introduced me to Ashtanga. The pace of the class was perfect and her knowledge and gentle manner inspiring. 4 years on and I still thank her for the big part she played in developing both my passion and practice”

Jason Saw, Team Leader of a mental health project 


“I joined Josetta’s Astanga class because I was feeling incredibly stressed and was having real problems sleeping. I also needed to concentrate more on how i held body and my posture as my body physically was under a lot of pressure with an intense marathon training regime – basically I needed to learn new, beneficial and complimentary stretches and ways to gently easy out tension and low level pain that my body was experienceing. The benefits were immense. i noticed improvements in my mental health and well-being, my sleep patterns improved and i generally felt more emotionally and physically healthy. Josetta helped me achieve a feeling of balance throughout my body, she taught me a much greater self awareness and I generally felt more in tune with myself. I felt and still feel mentally and physically stronger due to Astanga and to Josetta’s incredibly skilled, supportive and intuitive teaching practices”

Jo Glazebrook

JoAfter many years wandering in and out of the yoga wilderness without any real commitment to any particular style or teacher I started practicing Ashtanga with Josetta 5 years ago. I was instantly engaged and motivated by Josetta’s encouraging and committed teaching style and thanks to her I have now been practising several times a week since that first class 5 years ago. Even though I was in a class, I felt really guided as an individual and felt she took a real interest in my development and supported me with the challenges that it presented along the way. She debunked the myth that yoga is just for bendy people, or something that people are ‘good’ at and most of all she helped me to discover yoga as more than a class, but as a life enhancing practice which is to be enjoyed. Without sounding clichéd I can honestly say that having this practice has completely changed my life, supported my mental health and made me feel super strong in my body and I feel really grateful to Josetta for this.”

 Greygory Vass, arts education programmer and hairdresser for LGBTQ people

“I wasgrey lucky enough to have two private lessons with Josetta, and she was absolutely brilliant. She is very experienced, professional, attentive and caring and not commercially driven. She is so supportive and encouraging and I fell into deep relaxation with her Shavasana pose, I have never felt so good!  Have a great time!”

Belle Mellor, Illustrator 

“Josetta is a very warm and supportive teacher, and i found my yoga practice really developed in her lessons”

Sarah Miles, Senior Ashtanga teacher at Brighton Natural Health Centre (BNHC) 

“Josetta was a dedicated student at the BNHC for many years before coming to work with beginners on the Astanga programme. Her enthusiasm & commitment not only to her practice, but also to the programme gave her a devoted following of students”

Natalia Dawkins MBE an Independent Advocate, Trainer Consultant  

Josetta’s teaching will help you to acquire the ‘steadiness of body and mind’ which  Astanga Yoga is said to offer. Whether you are a complete novice (me) somewhere in between, or advanced she will have you ‘breathing’ your way to the next level!  Block book your sessions now !  



 Jan, Walthamstow resident

I really and truly enjoyed my one to one lessons with Josetta. I had tried yoga before but could not do a thing- past illness had made me very weak and self conscious.

I love the idea of one to one and would have one very week if I could.  Since having classes with Josetta, I have tried to do the exercises without her and at least I have an idea what to do. I found her very easy to work with and she did  not embarrass me, condescend or show any sympathy.  Instead Josetta encouraged me to think about what I could do and try to improve on that. After a class I sleep the most refreshing and deep sleep I have had for ages.


I can’t wait for her to start a restorative group!

Thanks for coming and lifting my spirits


Testimonials from workplace yoga students:


“Josetta Malcolm is a great yoga teacher, with a really positive energy and endless patience!”

Hannah, 2014

Yoga with Josetta made me feel lovely and energised – there was a good flow to each session and I felt like I was building up my strength and alignment in poses each week.  Having a yoga class as part of my work day really helped to motivate me and clear my mind of stresses. 

Linda, 2014


My practice of Ashtanga yoga with Josetta started a year ago, and has become a weekly practice over the last few months as she has started to come into our workplace at lunchtimes. My yoga practice has really developed with Josetta. She is an excellent instructor, who can gauge your needs sensitively while also enabling me to challenge myself safely and confidently. I always feel very nourished after my yoga practice and feel the benefits throughout the week. I highly recommend Josetta as a yoga instructor and I believe she can work with people of all abilities to feel really good about themselves and their bodies.

Grey, 2014





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