Queer Film Fest Yoga

Come and join me for some lovely low cost gentle yoga at the London Fringe Queer Film Fest Sunday November 9th 11am-12

Queer Fringe Film Fest Yoga

sun salutations for beginners/less flexible

Here is a great article from Yoga Journal showing us how to modify sun salutations. This is useful for beginners and for anyone who can safely do Surya Namaskaras (Sun Salutations) but has more limited mobility.

sun salutations for beginners

Yoga is for all bodies

I love that students of all types come to my classes. Yoga is great for all bodies, unfortunately in the West we have come to associate yoga with “gym bodies” and forget it’s true meaning. But there are teachers and classes like mine full of diversity, where we focus on connection, wellness and transformation. I am going to start posting about reclaiming yoga and resisting appropriation.

fat girls do yoga too