Yoga is for all bodies

I love that students of all types come to my classes. Yoga is great for all bodies, unfortunately in the West we have come to associate yoga with “gym bodies” and forget it’s true meaning. But there are teachers and classes like mine full of diversity, where we focus on connection, wellness and transformation. I am going to start posting about reclaiming yoga and resisting appropriation.

fat girls do yoga too


Private Yoga

If you are too busy to get to a class, or want to work one to one with your yoga teacher for any reason, you can book a one-off or ongoing classes with Josetta. Josetta will visit you in the comfort of your own home with a prepared lesson focused on your own needs and goals. You get her complete attention, can go at your own pace and in complete privacy. This is a wonderful way to experience all that yoga has to offer for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Josetta brings to her lessons her years of study, a background in mental health work and a friendly supportive approach. All levels of student will gain from this traditional method of learning. Ashtanga or gentle/Restorative yoga is available. Competitively priced, this is the perfect, most cost effective way to get the most out of your yoga class.

marichiasana c in the garden

Gentle Yoga Relaxation Class at the Mill every Monday 6 -7pm

resto August 2014

Try this calming gentle relaxation yoga class for the perfect wind down.

We start and end each Restorative yoga class with deep relaxations. In between we use classic yoga postures to gently stretch and tone. I give lots of alternatives for each pose so everyone can participate. This is a great class to try out yoga. We have mats at the Mill, so just turn up and join our small friendly class.

Restorative Yoga new 6 week course starts 11th November in Walthamstow

Restorative Yoga new 6 week course starts 11th November in Walthamstow

New Restorative Yoga class starts Monday 11th November 5.45 – 6.45 pm, at the Mill in Walthamstow, close to the stations/bus routes. Restorative yoga uses gentle yoga poses and breathing/relaxation to support your healing, management and recovery from physical and/or emotional health problems. Yoga is recognised by the NHS as being a safe and effective way to improve health, fitness, balance and flexibility. This is a small supportive class, so I can work with you on your own needs and goals. This class is also great for anyone with mobility issues, who would struggle in a mainstream yoga class.
This is a 6 week course so you can build up your knowledge of beneficial postures and breathing exercises. You can also just come along as a drop in.
Book now to secure your place, only £48 for the course, or £9 drop in
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Half Price October One to Ones

Half Price October One to Ones

Try a bespoke private yoga class for just £30 all through October 2013.
I will travel to you, so you can experience the amazing physical and mental benefits of yoga in the comfort and privacy of your own home. One to ones allow us to focus on your own particular needs and goals. I work with students of all abilities, so if you are new and nervous about trying yoga, relax and give it a go!

New low cost classes start 17/09/13

I am so excited about my new low cost classes starting tomorrow at the Common house.

First, we have a Restorative Class from 4.30-5.30pm. Restorative yoga is a gentle, therapy focused class for people with physical/mobility/mental health issues.

Then from 6-7pm, we start a new beginners and improvers Ashtanga class. Ashtanga is a fast dynamic form of yoga, where we learn a sequence designed to strengthen, balance and cleanse the body.

More details on the Classes Page.

These classes are small so booking is essential via

I have chosen The Common House as my new venue to make the classes explicitly safer spaces for all LGBTQ (lesbian gay bisexual Trans* Queer) people, People of Colour, community workers and activists.  Allies welcome!


womens classes

The lovely women only courses have finished. A big thank you to all the wonderful students who supported this class.

We have moved the Tuesday class to The Common House, where it will now be a fully inclusive space. It is open to all students of any ability, see my “classes” page for details. It was great having a women only space, but with time and venue shortages, we think this is a great way to run a class for anyone who wants a safer space to practice/learn yoga.

marichiasana c in the garden