I have been practising Ashtanga yoga since 2001. I have been lucky enough to study under some of the top International teachers; Manju Jois (son of Pattabhis Jois, who developed Ashtanga), Nancy Gilgoff and John Scott.
I have a British Wheel of Yoga Diploma so I am also fully qualified to teach generic yoga posture classes as well as Ashtanga yoga (see below for more on different styles). I have completed several post diploma courses ranging from teaching athletes and sportspeople to teaching people with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
I have been teaching since 2008 and am qualified and insured through the British Wheel of Yoga. I have also completed the Primary Adjustment courses of both Manju and Nancy, and more recently trained to adjust Primary and Second series Ashtanga with Ryan Speilman in 2017/18. I continually update my yoga training and First Aid Certificate.
I teach one to ones, small classes and larger groups. I just love to share this remarkable practice!
All physical yoga is technically “Hatha” yoga, but there are many styles – so I have tried quite a few and found Ashtanga to be the best for people like me who want to have a strong supple body as well as getting the mental health benefits (as it also calms and balances the mind). Ashtanga is suitable for all ages, shapes and abilities.
Ashtanga is one of the more dynamic styles of yoga- it is a flowing form, meaning you don’t stay in poses for long but keep moving. I love the cardiovascular workout I get. But it also uses the traditional yoga poses, so the whole body gets gently stretched and toned and the nervous and endocrine system get balanced. Don’t worry, we will start learning very gently and according to where your body is at on any given day.
I specialise in teaching beginners, who often have physical ailments/injuries. Obviously, as with any exercise, you need to check with your GP if you have any health conditions. However the Primary series is known as Yoga Therapy (“Yoga Chikista”)_because it has so many therapeutic benfits- strengthening the back and balancing the body and mind.
I have trained all over the world, but teach private and group classes in London and Brighton. I live in Brighton where I teach private students, Trans/non-binary and LGBTQ classes, and I teach private students and on NHS mental health wards in East London.
I am particularly interested in teaching yoga to individuals and communities that find it hard to access mainstream yoga studios and gyms.
Keep checking my pages for the latest information, if I have availability, I will look into setting up a one to one or a class just for you!

Check out what the Ashtanga Primary Series looks like – but don’t worry, we learn it a bit at a time. I am also trained and experienced in tailoring the postures and classes to suit individual needs, and have worked extensively with numerous health conditions and people with different levels of mobility.
Have a look at this link- Pattabhis Jois teaching advanced students the primary Ashtanga sequence- this is what you learn first. Many people practice and establish this sequence over several years before moving on to the more advanced sequences. You can fast forward some of the early sun salutations as we repeat them a few times when we practice!

Don’t want Ashtanga?

If you like the sound of my approach but want something more gentle/thearpeutic, then still contact me-I also teach non Ashtanga classes. Typically these are bespoke classes for workspaces or individuals- e.g lunchtime yoga classes for office workers or home one to ones. The office classes focus on postures to relieve the physical and mental stress of the workplace. So we might work on releasing and relaxing tight shoulders and necks.
One to ones focus on what it is you need and want from private yoga tuition.

Just drop me a line for queries/bookings to


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